What's Happening in the Ashe County Home Market? October 2023

  In short, the housing market continues to be a wacky market with contradictions that don't make sense to realtors, at least not at in the way they did in the past. Ashe is a bit steadier than the Watauga home market, with the number on the market, the number sold, the number of new listings being close to past months, the number sold per mon...
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July 2023: What's Happening in the Ashe County Housing Market?

‚ÄčAs is the case with the Watauga Housing Market, the Ashe Market is holding steading.  Number of sales is down from 2022, yet more sold in July than sold in June 2023. The Odds of Selling, the number under contract, and the average sales value remain very steady.  Homes are selling about 30 per month, with 5 months of home inventory avail...
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June 2023: What's Been Happening in the Ashe County Home Market?

I've heard several realtors recently say 'This is a strange market.' Today, a realtor characterized it as 'goofy.' To me, that means we're transitioning and don't have a clear handle on where we're headed. What are the clues? One is odds of selling. For the Ashe County single family housing market, the odds have gone down, overall for all home...
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May 2023: What's Been Happening in the Ashe County Housing Market?

The housing market in Ashe and Watauga are following what I would consider to be typical Spring markets.The number of new listings coming on the market is higher than earlier this year.The number selling has risen a bit but overall, but the odds of selling have dropped due to more homes on the market.The numbers are slightly different; nothing sign...
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April 2023: What Happened in the Ashe County Housing Market?

The picture for the Ashe County Housing market is similar to the Watauga Market.  A slight increase in new listings, yet sales remaining consistent mean there's a low inventory of homes but the appearance of a typical Spring spike in homes on the market.  Homes are selling at an average of 35 per month with a list to sale ratio of 95%, an...
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What Happened in the Market March 2023: Ashe County

Although 'cooler' than a year ago, the home market in Ashe County continues to remain active.  67 homes are currently on the market.  29 sold in March 2023, averaging 87 days from list to closing at an average per foot value of $217/sq ft.  The average sold price is $390K.   The 'cooler' market is visible by comparing ...
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What Happened in the Ashe County Market 2022? A Review of the Year

...   Download PDF File Here
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What's Happening in the Market October 2022

The picture is one of the runners crossing the finish line for the Spooky Duke race on Saturday, Nov. 5.  Spooky Duke is a fund raiser for Parent to Parent, a local nonprofit that offers resources and support to local families with special needs children.  Contact me if you'd like more information about the program.   Is this a cooli...
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The Ashe County Housing Market: A Review of 2021

Ashe County offers us many delights, including picking out our own Christmas trees or, in this case, pumpkins.  What does it offer us in housing?  Take a look at the 2021 Ashe housing market to learn what's been happening .     Download PDF File Here
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