What Happened in the Market in Ashe County NC in February 2024?

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  It's been an interesting month. The housing stats are all over the place, but in general there are a few more houses on the market than in January, a trend characteristic of approaching Spring and summer. Average and median sales prices bounced around but are not significantly different than a month ago. The list-to-sale ratio dropped in bot...
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What's Happening in the Market? Ashe County Housing January 2024

The number of sales, homes under contract, and new homes entering the market is down for Ashe County in January.  It appears less buyers are looking for homes at this time.  The number of homes on the market is lower, as well, perhaps making it more difficult for buyers to find the home that works for them.  It's not unusual for the ...
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What's Happening in the High Country Land Market? October 2023

  T he High Country housing market continues to be a wacky market with contradictions that don't make sense to realtors, at least not at in the way they did in the past. On the other hand,  he High Country land market is holding pretty steady.  For months now the number of parcels has been hovering in the mid 1300's.The num...
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