August 2023: What's Happening in the Watauga Housing Market?

​ I'm still pondering what makes this market a mystery.The mystery is more apparent in the Watauga housing market than the Ashe housing market. That is, the stats – what's up, what's down, what's holding steady – are all over the place, in inconsistent ways to what we usually see.The number of new home listings is up, and by August that's usually t...
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June 2023: What's Been Happening in the High Country Land Market?

The High Country land market is holding steady:  approximately same number of parcels on the market, under contract, coming on the market, and selling, plus selling in approximately the same patterns: 
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June 2023: What's Been Happening in the Ashe County Home Market?

I've heard several realtors recently say 'This is a strange market.' Today, a realtor characterized it as 'goofy.' To me, that means we're transitioning and don't have a clear handle on where we're headed. What are the clues? One is odds of selling. For the Ashe County single family housing market, the odds have gone down, overall for all home...
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May 2023: What Happened in the Watauga Housing Market?

The housing market in Ashe and Watauga are following what I would consider to be typical Spring markets.The number of new listings coming on the market is higher than earlier this year.The number selling has risen a bit but overall, but the odds of selling have dropped due to more homes on the market.The numbers are slightly different; nothing sign...
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What Happened in the Market March 2023? The Watauga Housing Market

Even though 'cooler' than a year ago, the Watauga home market continues to be active. As often happens this time of year, the number of new listings [97 in March] and the number of sales are creeping up [see The Buying Pattern chart below]. View the market flowing in The Pond graph below:  for the past 90 days 213 new home ...
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