What's Happening in the Market? The High Country Land Market January 2024

The number of sales, the number of new parcels coming on the market, and the number of parcels under contract are down from December.  The number of land parcels on the market presently is 1174, a new low that's been over a decade in the coming.  Parcels in the high end subdivisions continue to sell well, likely foretelling the constructi...
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September 2023: What's Happening in the Ashe County Housing Market?

September 2023 is an interesting month for property in the High Country. For homes in Watauga and Ashe, the number sold is up.But less are currently under contract.For land, the number sold is the same as August, but the number under contract is up significantly.That's interesting to me because typically September is a slow month in the real estate...
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August 2023: What's Happening in the High Country Land Market?

As is the case with the Ashe County housing market,  the High Country land market also 'makes sense.'  The number sold is up, a 'typical' summer pattern.  The number under contract is essentially holding steady, if a tiny bit down.  The number of new listings is down a bit, 'typical' of late summer. &nbs...
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August 2023: What's Happening in the Ashe County Housing Market?

The Ashe County housing market looks far more steady, than the Watauga housing market, more like what we realtors are likely to say 'makes sense.' The number sold is up, a 'typical' summer number.  The number under contract is holding steady, as is the number on the market. The number of new home listings is down, another 'typic...
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April 2023: What Happened in the Ashe County Housing Market?

The picture for the Ashe County Housing market is similar to the Watauga Market.  A slight increase in new listings, yet sales remaining consistent mean there's a low inventory of homes but the appearance of a typical Spring spike in homes on the market.  Homes are selling at an average of 35 per month with a list to sale ratio of 95%, an...
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