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The picture is one of the runners crossing the finish line for the Spooky Duke race on Saturday, Nov. 5.  Spooky Duke is a fund raiser for Parent to Parent, a local nonprofit that offers resources and support to local families with special needs children.  Contact me if you'd like more information about the program.   Is this a cooli...
At milepost 272 on the Blue Ridge Parkway the Church cabin enjoys red Fall glory under a maple tree.  When I worked as a rnger on the Parkway, I was assigned the delightful duty of learning more of its history.  One story told me by a descendant of the original owners has always stood out.  Her grandfather buried his potatoes in a ho...
One month is too short a timespan to know if a change is the beginning of a trend or just a monthly fluctuation.In fact, the numbers for September are very similar to the numbers for August. Some indicators may be indicative of a trend:the list to sale ratio is down a bit, the number of new listings is down a bit, the number sold is down a tad, the...
The time is coming for Fall brilliance:  bright colors to absorb and savor and internalize within our bings.  It's nature's way of moving us from the soothing green of summer leaves to the browns and greys and less frequent greens of winter. 
  The market definitely continues to transition.Still, the stats this month make a bit more sense.For housing, the number of homes sold increased, as did the number under contract.Neither number is a significant difference from July.Homes have been coming on the market at about the rate as the number selling. The days on the market is down; th...
A mistily mysterious morning on the New River:  what will come along? 
Queen Anne's Lace is amazingly ubiquitous throughout our mountains.  Does it surprise you, then, to learn it's an introduced species?  Like humans, plants find the way to adapt and thrive in new environments. If you'd like one of my calendars, I do have extras to give away.  Call me at 828.264.1434 or email me:  Helen@...
 Inventory is creeping up.  Perhaps it's the pattern familiar from past years: a Spring spike in new housing and land listings.  Or, could we be entering a more balanced market?  For the complete current picture, read the pdf below.   Download PDF File Here
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Ashe County offers us many delights, including picking out our own Christmas trees or, in this case, pumpkins.  What does it offer us in housing?  Take a look at the 2021 Ashe housing market to learn what's been happening .     Download PDF File Here
2022 greets us with the opportunity to be mindful to enjoy each and every day.  And with questions about where our world is heading.  Take a look below at what happened in the Watauga real estate market to see where we are coming from in housing and land and where we are now.   Download PDF File Here
You may have sent this to me previously but please fill out completely again.The good deeds and Santa list will have changed, and maybe an address!Thanks, Helen Your Name: ______________________________ Best Number to reach you: ____________________ Your Address: _________________________________________________________________ Your Best Email: ___...
 Daylight's last rays of sunlight catch high clouds over Grandfather Mountain, Seven Devils, Sugar Mountain. 
 The market remains very busy, both land and homes.  The land market continues to offer many choices for buyers.  The housing market:  the number of homes on the market continues to dwindle.  See the full report:   Download PDF File Here
Saturday mornings from May through November you're most likely to find me at the Watauga Farmers Market, located in the Horn in the West parking lot in Boone.  Buying locally grown, organic veggies brightens my life and strengthens my health.  All manner of other offerings are available:  veggie and flowering plants, bakery goods, fr...
The market continues very active in home, condo, and land sales.  The inventory of homes and condos, particularly under $500K, remains small.  Land sales remain strongly higher than they have been since 2007.   Download PDF File Here
In addition to the very welcome sight of new life in the form of daffodils appearing, here's what's been happening in the Watauga single family home and the High Country land markets.     Download PDF File Here


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