How important is a view?

A word about views: Well, four ‘words.’

First, views are a highly desired criteria in this area, and thus are pricey.

Second, there are views and then there are views. Some people want long-range views, 50 to 100 mile distant. In general, these, particularly Gorge views near Blowing Rock, are the most expensive. Other people want a meadow view, or an across-the-valley view or a Grandfather view or something else. Be as specific as possible in letting me know what view you have in mind, so I can better find it for you.

Third, if you think about it, everything has ‘a’ view. The real question is ‘What kind of view?

Fourth, realtors are not given many choices when entering information on our listings so we often have to do some digging beyond the MLS information to figure out what kind of view the property has.

If I don’t already know what view a particular property has, I can find out for you by asking the realtor who has the listing. But even then, it may be impossible to know what the view will be until we get to the property.

OK OK — a fifth ‘word.’ Views are VERY much in demand in this area so do expect a view to add to the cost of the property.



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