The Purchase Process

What do I need to know about purchasing a home or land in North Carolina? Where can I find that information?

The publication I previously mentioned  -- my Buyers Guide to Purchasing Property in the North Carolina Mountains -- is geared to answering your questions about our area, in relation to purchasing property here, another publication helps you through the buying process, the time between getting ready to make an offer through to closing on it.  I’ve prepared this so that one day I’ll be saying ‘Congratulations’ to you on your home or land purchase!


I refer to my Buyers’ Guide to the Home Buying Process.  This book covers EVERYTHING you’ll want to know about the home purchasing process as we move toward finding your home and closing on it:

      -- copies of the documents you’ll want to be familiar with:

               the Offer to Purchase,

               the Property Disclosures,

               Buyers’ Agency Agreement, and more],

       --consumer protection information prepared by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission:

                Working with Real Estate Agents;

                Questions and Answers of a huge range of topics,

                        from what happens to your earnest money,

                        to what to know when purchasing a condo,

                        to home inspections, and more;

                        what you need to know about radon and lead-based substances],

      -- my qualifications,

      -- a thoroughly comprehensive Moving Checklist,

      -- local service providers, and more.


I prepare this as a three-ring binder.  Depending on how quickly you’ll get here, I’ll either mail it to you or hand it to you when you arrive. 


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