The Coe Realty Promise

I take a great personal satisfaction and delight, in helping people find mountain property they will thoroughly enjoy, especially when the property is a dream come true. When you come to the area to look at property, I’ll take as much time as necessary to find what is right for you. I promise you I will unwaveringly, diligently search for you, for as long as you remain interested in my serving as your realtor.

The more I know about your needs and desires, the better able I will be to find what’s available that most closely suits your life. It helps me greatly to know what is absolutely necessary for you as well as what would be nice, but is optional; to know what is your dream property as well as what you just couldn’t accept under any circumstances. It helps to know where you’ll be working and what amount of driving is acceptable. Or, what types of activities you’ll be looking for while in the area. And many other things, especially including anything I haven’t mentioned or addressed above that is important to you.

Finding Your Dream Home

I’ve prepared a Confidential Buyers Profile. It’s long. HOWEVER, it’s long because it’s designed to cover a wide range of desires. You’ll find that in your case you can quickly skip past many parts. If you will take the time to fill it out — perhaps an hour — we may save a couple days looking at properties here. I’ll be able to eliminate showing you properties you won’t want to consider. I can snailmail you the Profile or email it to you. People who have completed the Profile inevitably tell me that it helped them clarify their own thinking about what they are looking for. I highly encourage you to fill it out so that your valuable time here will be put to best advantage… and you can get onto serious play or relaxing!



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